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What we do

Reveal uses PCR technology to test for the presence or absence of Y (male) chromosome from a blood sample as early as 10 weeks pregnant.
• If Y chromosome is detected, baby is a boy
• If Y chromosome is not detected, baby is a girl
Results are 99.9% accurate with results as early as 72 hours.

The process


Ask for reveal test from your OBGYN or Healthcare Provider


Your doctors office will draw a small blood sample


Results in as little as 72 hours

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Results emailed directly to you


Average turnaround time is 7 days from when your sample is received at our lab.

Yes. For a small fee you can have results expedited to within 72 hours from when your blood sample is received at our lab.

No, results maintain the same accuracy regardless of turnaround time.

Results will be emailed directly to you. They will not be sent to your physician or OBGYN clinic.

No, there is no risk to either baby or mom. Reveal is a simple, non-invasive blood sample drawn from mom’s arm.

No. Reveal is not used for medical purposes so you will not receive any bills or statements from your insurance company.

Any questions? Call or Text: 385-251-4025